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The Complete Literacy Resource

This program empowers teachers with the right tools and a methodical approach to teaching writing. A combination of teacher training courses with the classroom resource, The Complete Literacy Resource provides the most comprehensive approach to improve literacy in the classroom, and consists of four elements:
The Process of Writing – Professional Development Training Course

The Process of Close Reading – Professional Development Training Course

Weekly Writer – Classroom resource

Blending the Elements of Weekly Writer – Training Course


Training course on The Process of Writing,℠six clock hours of training

The Process of Writing℠ takes a three tier approach and provides an in-depth professional development course for educators. Certificates of Training are issued upon completion of the course.

Tier I – The six steps of The Process of Writing are broken down into six modules – understand, brainstorm, plan, write, revise, and edit. Each module is introduced with an instructional video, followed by text based lessons.

Tier II – Multiple drafts are written to create a final product or presentation. Teachers learn how to instruct students for deeper revision and final editing.

Tier III – Teachers learn how to promote original student writing for publishing and presentation.

The three tiers of The Process of Writing℠ begin in kindergarten and last a lifetime. Schools implementing The Process of Writing℠ with vertical alignment will create consistency and continuity across grade levels as well as content areas.

ProcessOfClose Reading

Training course on The Process of Close Reading℠, four clock hours of training

In this professional development course, teachers learn about the history and progression of close reading and why educators must intervene.

The course is divided into multiple modules. Each module begins with an introductory video to provide an overview. Through a series of text based lessons and instructional videos, educators learn how to implement the close reading strategy across the content areas.


Weekly Writer – A 36 Week Online Writing Resource powered by Schoology.

Weekly Writer is an online writing resource for k-8 students and teachers. It features a full academic year of the following components:

Let’s Write! delivers the main writing lesson. Reaching across the content areas, a virtual author in residence models the process in all four modes of writing. 

RIP and Write, makes a reading and writing connection across the curriculum. RIP stands for Read, Interpret, Predict. It coincides with the International Literacy Association’s approach to teaching writing and reading. It is a close reading strategy students can use in everything they read.

Source Writing asks students to utilize their writing skills to answer open ended and essay questions based on multiple sources of information.

Enrichment provides additional activities to practice learned skills.

NEWLIST graphic

Blending the elements of


Five clock hours of training

In this training course, subscribers learn how to blend the five elements of Weekly Writer into their school day. An in-depth review of the flexibility of each component is provided to achieve the highest level of success.



All You Have To Do Is Teach

Easy to Use

Low-tech, online resource which offers a step-by-step approach to teaching writing.

Critical Thinking Skills

Embeds critical thinking skills throughout the resource because it is important to teach students to ask great questions. 

Vertical Alignment

Build consistency and continuity from grade level to grade level. Weekly Writer is a systematic approach to teaching writing and reading comprehension. The scope and sequence provides the necessary rigor to build student achievement and success.

Job-Embedded PD

Learn from a professional writing consultant and author as you teach your students. Writing specialist and author, Darren J. Butler, models the writing process for students. The classroom teacher collaborates with Mr. Butler to build mastery with his or her students.

Author in Residence

Place an Author in Residence in your classroom every week! Veteran writing specialist and author, Darren J. Butler, appears in the instructional videos modeling the writing process. Giving your students a connection to a professional, working writer is an invaluable resource.

Evidence that Weekly Writer can be effective in your school and district.



“Our students look forward to Weekly Writer lessons. They enjoy watching Mr. Butler’s videos and are curious to know what their next writing topic consists of. We see our students using the steps to the writing process now, more than ever. The program has an effective balance through Conventions, RIP and Write and Application to ELA standards. Weekly Writer is teacher friendly. We use the program with all students in our school, grades Kindergarten through fifth.”

Deborah H.
Lisa M.



Weekly Writer Classroom Resource

Volume (1-20) licenses

    • Weekly Writer 1 year – $350 per teacher
    • Weekly Writer 2 year – $550 per teacher

$700 Weekly Writer 3 year / per teacher

Volume (21-99) licenses

    • Weekly Writer 1 year – $300 per teacher
    • Weekly Writer 2 year – $475 per teacher

$625 Weekly Writer 3 year / per teacher

Volume (100-250) licenses

    • Weekly Writer 1 year – $250 per teacher
    • Weekly Writer 2 year – $375 per teacher

$475 Weekly Writer 3 year / per teacher

Single license / 1 year

$500 Weekly Writer Classroom Resource 1 year / single license

Single license / 2 years

        $900 Weekly Writer Literacy Resource 2 year / single license

    Single license / 3 years

    $1100 Weekly Writer Literacy Resource 3 year / single license

            Student License Weekly Writer offers student licenses through Schoology

      Online Professional Development Options

      Process of Writing $199.00
      Process of Close Reading $159.00
      Both Process Series $299.00
      Blended (for subscribers) $99.00

      Call for Volume Pricing!

      Customizable Professional Development Options

      On-Site Professional Development

      A professional writing consultant provides six hours of on-site professional development for teachers. Administrators may choose the topic(s) for the session to help teachers improve in areas of weakness. Whether it is evidence based writing, responding to open-ended questions, or essay writing, this onsite option is customized to fit your PD needs.

      $2,500 plus expenses, $1,000 per additional consecutive day

      Six Hours of Virtual Professional Development

      (small group, under 10)
      A professional writing consultant delivers virtual professional development for teachers. Administrators may choose the topic(s) for the sessions to help teachers improve in areas of weakness. Whether it is evidence based writing, responding to open-ended questions, or essay writing, your sessions will be customized to fit your needs.

      Session Blocks: Three – 2 hour sessions or Two – 3 hour sessions – $1,000

      School Evaluation

      Are you concerned about student performance on state mandated testing? Our professional team of writing consultants can evaluate your school or district to assist in pinpointing weaknesses. This on site evaluation is a collaborative effort with administrators, teachers, and students to strategize a plan for improvement. Evaluation includes a detailed written assessment with recommendations.[/center]

      $2,500 plus expenses, 2 day minimum, $1,000 per additional consecutive day

      Our founder, Darren J. Butler is an author, writing specialist, storyteller, and motivational speaker.

      Schedule him to speak at your school or conference today!



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      • Title I Supplemental Education Services (SES) funds
      • Title I C – Migrant Education
      • Title I Part D-2 – Neglected and Delinquent
      • Title II – Professional Development
      • Title II Part D, Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT)
      • Title III English Language Acquisition
      • Title VII Indian Education

      Other Sources

      • 21st Century Community Learning Center grants
      • ARRA Funds – Stimulus Funding
      • Donorschoose.org
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      • Private Foundation grants
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      • State and Local Curriculum Funds
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